5 Smart Ways of Making Money Online

Do you own a computer at home, work, or hostel with a reliable internet connection? Would you like to make some extra cash without sweating at home? Well, if your answer is yes, then this article is suitable for you.

There are many realistic ways of earning fast cash online. Regardless of the method, short term or long term, generating income online is remunerative.

What exactly do we need for online jobs?

To successfully work online and boost your earnings, you will need the following elements;

  1. Computer
  2. Reliable internet
  3. Dedication
  4. Discipline
  5. Marketable skills


A PC will link your work to a potential client.

For those involved in content writing, blogging, academic research, etc. the computer will come handy for research purposes.

Acquire a good computing machine with fast processing speed. If you do not own one, visit a cybercafe, use the one at your workplace, or borrow one.

Reliable internet

The availability, strength, and speed of the internet at your workstation are an essential tool you will always need.

Working under poor, interrupted internet connection is a risk that will lead you into delays when clients have given you time limits to submit your job.

Find a suitable internet connection to overcome the chances of losing assignments and unnecessary delays.


Working online needs commitment. The majority of online jobs might not be complicated, but like any other business investment, it takes time to grow.

You need to devote yourself, work hard, and get your content of cognition off the ground.

This journey might be slow for beginners, but with time and amplitude dedication, making money online will be a walk in the park.


You must be self-discipline in your work. Most online jobs have strict rules and guidelines to follow.

If you are indiscipline, then working online is not your area of interest.

Be punctual, submit assignments in time, and you will be good to go.

Marketable skills

Develop unique commercial copywriting techniques to sell your content online. Show excellent creativity and entice a client to hire you.

Professionalism in your work will attract potential clients, and you will make a kill in this venture.

Once you possess these elements, then you are good to start somewhere. The question is, how do we make money online?

Online job opportunities are either on a full or part-time basis. It is upon you to find the most suitable venture that matches your schedule.

Below is a list of five compiled, easy ways to make extra cash online.


A  Blog is a content website that tends to identify a niche area such as farming, sports, technology, travel, holidays, etc.

Bloggers create content on topics they are knowledgable about and keep their audience glued on the website, thereby generating traffic on their blogs.

To generate traffic, a blogger display adverts through different platforms like Google AdSense,  sponsored content, or affiliate marketing.

Set up a website and slowly build the site with content.

Online coaching

If you possess any skill that befits teaching other people, then you need to set up an online teaching program and market yourself.

You can set up an online course through platforms like Teachable. Such platforms will help you manage your customers and payment acceptance.

Upload your profile, skills, course materials, and you will be in a position to boost your earnings through online teaching other people your skills.

Article writing

Article writing entails writing content for other people online. Writers write short articles based on a specific group of keywords.

Before drafting an article, a writer needs to do extensive research to achieve quality content.

Examples of sites that hire article writers include Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, and many others you will find online.

Academic writing

Academic writers write research papers, essays, and assignments for clients.

Despite the problem of ethical considerations in academic writing, this type of venture pays more than article writing. The only hindrance in it is that it is seasonal. You will only find work during specific periods of months in a year.

Examples of sites that hire academic writers are Writer Bay,  Essay Shark, and Uvo Cop, among others.

Video transcription

Video transcribers convert audio files into written format. The transcriber will receive audio or video files from the market place, keenly listen to them, and then type out the content.

To become a successful video transcriber, one has to invest heavily in quality headphones for clear sound. This gig requires one to have competent listening skills and a fast typing individual.

Rev is an example of a video transcribing site.

In conclusion, choose a field that best suits you. Settle down and start somewhere. It might not be easy for beginners, but as time goes by with many practical trials, you will find yourself somewhere, and in the end, you will start earning a lucrative pay online.  


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